San Diego Intl. Airport


Rebrand the airport to feel less institutional and more likable. Establish a personality with a specific voice and look that connects with San Diegans relaxed yet progressive attitude. And support the development of a new Terminal 2 with awareness, information, and anticipatory kinds of messages and imagery over a period of 2 years.


A wide ranging body of work that encompassed new routes, transit, employee programs, The Terminal 2 build-out and wayfinding signage. Humor, bold graphics and bright colors helped create a welcoming festive and fresh collection of impressions leading up to a very stylish Terminal 2 opening a couple of years ago.

Terminal 2 Posters

Annual Report

Terminal 2 Concessions Video



Bus Covers

Magazine Campaign

Terminal 2 Campaign

THE ResultS

The San Diego International Airport achieved highly favorable rating, during our tenure, from locals and visitors alike. Ease of parking, closeness to city and terminal to gate proximity are one reason. Ambiance and a fun, welcoming approach to brand and messaging are another. We’re pleased wot have contributed to the affection many travelers have to San Diego’s major airport.

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