Tres Santos


Create a name, graphic identity, brand and launch campaign for three new villages located near the historic town of Todos Santos in Baja Sur.

The mixed-use plan includes a hotel, restaurant, farm and satellite campus of Colorado State University, along with paseos, plazas, an outfitters casita and convenience shops. Designed to complement and support the historic town, creating more visits and stays during the off-season.


A name and logo clearly connected to the town of Todos Santos. A body of work celebrating the colonial architecture and indigenous spirit and soulfulness of the place. An editorial approach to photography, video and storytelling. A visitor center doubling as a bike rental shop. Illustrated posters and graphics suggesting the cultural festivals and craftspeople who inhabit that singluar spot on the Baja Peninsula.

Art Brewer Brochure


Community Brochure

Brand Video

Brand Photography

Community Poster

Visitor Center

THE ResultS

Bunkhouse Hotel Group opened San Cristobal Punta Lobos, which along with our campaign drove many new visitors to the area, with favorable coverage from The New York Times, Vogue and Conde Nest Traveler. There have been controversies, as well, with an anti-development group of locals. Nonetheless, Tres Santos is moving forward with a variety of residences at a range of price points. Interest is strong and sales are steady.

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