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Two different clients in Anaheim with similar goals: Create a sense of Anaheim as a destination apart from Disney, Angels Stadium and Honda Center. An emergent urban space in an area called Center City and The Packing District has created an opportunity to define Anaheim's downtown as a legitimate attraction in its own right.


Two bodies of work with overlapping intentions—to create a sense of curiosity and drive trials to events, shops, restaurants and bars in the new, cool part of Anaheim's historic core. 

Uncommon Characters, high-impact graphics and constant blog content have created the brand energy and anticipation to create desire and demand.

Uncommon Characters Campaign

Visit Anaheim Animated GIFs

Visit Anaheim Brand Video

Center City Website

Center City Billboards

Center City and FRAN Campaign Ads

Center City Signage

Center City Posters

THE ResultS

The Visit Anaheim campaign has boosted occupancy for convention and business-related events, driving more visitors to downtown Anaheim merchants and events. Our branding and wayfinding for Center City has helped create a sense of place—an urban district—in the midst of the surrounding sprawl. CtrCity is the cool new center of gravity away from the theme parks and sports venues. 

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