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Places to live, places to visit, places that can capture the imagination, nourish the soul and delight the senses—whether homes, communities, resorts, attractions, venues, or travel destinations. Each place offers its own unique combination of ingredients that appeals to specific groups of people.


Greenhaus is an integrated branding and marketing company that connects places to people—and people to places—in vivid, unexpected ways.


Our Territory

Nineteen states, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, the Yucatan—and counting. Every culture, setting, offer and target market are different. We come armed with curiosity,—not assumption,—and dig deep to grasp whats special, what's possible.

Our Work

Every place is different. That’s our mantra. Not just the setting, name and images—but the character, personality, voice and point of view. Capturing that is our craft, here are some examples.



How We Contribute

All the tools and talent for a seamless effort and successful outcome.

Qualitative Research

Visioning / Placemaking

Brand Development

Graphic Standards

Content Strategies and Creation

Marketing Plans and Campaigns

Media Planning and Buying

Website Development and UX

SEO and Social Media


See more work in our “We Love Going Places” mini-book

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